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Quit Tops - Vintage plus Many Backgrounds to Choose From

Vintage Lone Star Quilt Top

I buy and sell quilt tops. I have both new and vintage to antique quilt tops for sale. A common questions is why would anyone buy a vintage quilt tops. Some people would be interested in buying from the collector's view point. Others might want the top with the intention of quilting it themselves or having it quilted as they wish by a quilter. Vintage quilt tops are a piece of our needlework history.  Very often vintage and antique quilt tops will give us a glimpse of fabrics which were used in a particular era, no longer available now.


Vintage quilt tops will have old time quilt block settings and show the yearning for something pretty in times that had few luxuries.  Some quilt tops are done by hand entirely, some by machine  entirely or a combination of both. Applique and embroidery were often part of the techniques used for making the tops. Some quilt tops are in pristine condition and some have areas which need repair or restoration. I use only vintage fabric if I need to make a repair. The most important thing is to make any repairs in a manner that mimics the original intentions of the person who made the quilt top.

My Quilt tops come from many backgrounds. The oldest top I own currently is from the later 1800's. It is in remarkable condition with no stains. There are quilt tops from the early 1900's and quilt tops from the Depression era with an abundance of feedsack fabrics. I particularly love the feedsack quilt tops because my grandmother used to sew with them. She would save the cloth feedsacks and wash them in order to use them for needlework. Fabrics for my grandmother often came from clothing and old linens. Everything was recycled, fabrics were precious. I have beautiful pieced and appliqued quilt tops made by Amish quilt makers from both Pennsylvania and Indiana. Their workmanship is outstanding.

If you have questions on vintage quilt tops please contact me. I am happy to help in any way that I am able.  I consider is a joy to see the work of quilters from long ago.  If I can share any bit of this enthusiasm I am pleased.