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Custom T-Shirt Quilts at Loving Quilts

Ever wanted a nice way to display your photos and not lug a photo album? A T-shirt quilt is a good way display T-shirts in a fun way and have ever lasting memories. I can even use pictures not just T-shirts for these awesome quilts. T-shirt quilts are a great way to keep High school memories crisp and clear for a lifetime. Custom embroidery is available too. There are endless themes for your special quilt. It can be sports, drama, music, or any theme you can think of! I can embroider blocks or sashing with special messages to the recipient of the quilt. I can also make custom blocks with printed text if the message is larger than an emboidery machine is capable of sewing. I use pigment ink so that the message or photos are permenent. Let me know your needs and I will be happy to give you an estimate. 

I do wedding quilts, memory quilts of baby clothing, life quilts. Whatever your imagination please contact me. Your blocks do not all have to be t-shirts. Maybe you have a special jacket or sweater. I have worked with nearly every imaginable fabric.

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Sample Photos--Possibilities are endless!

Custom Made Tee Shirt Quilts

I create quilts using customer supplied tee shirts. The theme of the quilt can be from many different categories. Examples are travel, sports, college, special competitions. The quilts make include photos printed on fabric or have embroidered words. All the tee shirts need to be washed ahead of time with no fabric softener since they need to be fused on the back with a stabilizer.