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Services and Pricing

Ironing (if needed) $10.00 You must have your quilt top squared off prior to delivery to me. If I need to square off there will be an additional fee.

Chalking Fee (if required) $15-$25 depending on quilt top size.


Edge to Edgey$ 22.68 - $29.16 sq yd (0.175 cents per inch-.0225 cents per inch) overall pattern done on entire quilt

Custom  $ 32.40 - 51.84 sq yd (.025 cents per inch - .040 cents per inch)  rate varies depending on color changes, outline, stippling, texture, etc.

Heirloom  $38.90/sq yd and up (.040 cents per inch - .060 cents per inch) feather work, outline, crosshatching, trapunto and thread painting.

Minimum charge is $40.00

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Thread Cleanup Fee (if required) depends on quilt top condition.  If the quilt top back is full of loose threads which need to be removed prior to quilting I will charge you for cleanup.  Loose threads can show up in your finished quilt and produce an undesireable effect.  Fee can run $15 per hr. You can save yourself that fee if you clean up the back of your quilt top prior to delivering it to me.

Piecing of back fabric---$8.00 per seam.

Binding Fee

You need to send me at least 1 yard of fabric for binding (uncut). I will cut, sew and attach to the binding by machine for 13 cents/per linear inch  If you want the back hand stitched to the back I charge an additional $30-80  depending on the quilt size.

Shipping and Handling

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Note Please:  Other quilting services upon request.  All prices are subject to change without notice.